Baby, it’s cold outside

This tiny sprout of garlic is just poking through the mulch.

I found it interesting that the National Weather Service issued a freeze warning for most of South Dakota last night, except for a small chunk of the Black Hills including Custer and Hill City. I wondered why; then realized that we have no need of it; we dip below freezing every night. However, last night was colder than our regular colder-than-normal temps: 13 degrees. Yes, it’s May 8.

I decided to check my soil temperatures this morning, but the soil in the raised beds was too frozen to insert the thermometer. So I guess that means it’s too cold to germinate seeds…

This rhubarb is about one-fourth its usual size at this time of year.

I carted out the camera to take some shots of my very small rhubarb and tiny shoots of garlic barely peeking out of the mulch. The only garlic to sprout thus far is the Transylvanian; like Dracula, it’s undead. No signs yet of the Persian Star; hopefully it made it through the winter, but I’m not optimistic at this point.

Maybe I’ll just go ice-fishing instead.



  1. Kamp Kook said,

    May 8, 2010 at 5:20 pm

    Don’t feel alone, it is a cold Spring everywhere in western SD. Although it did not get down to 13 it did freeze pretty hard here. If these chilly conditions continue, gardening this year will more of a challenge than last year. Lets hope for some nice sunny days with lows above 45 degrees!There were a few asparagus shoots up and today they are toast, well maybe reverse icicles. At any rate I won’t be picking any for quite some time…

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