Support Farm-to-School Programs

This news on S. 3123 was sent to me by the folks at the Western Organization of Resource Councils (WORC). Since I was just comparing the fresh, whole foods served in French schools with the reheated, processed fare we serve our children in the U.S., I thought this was timely. Following is the alert from WORC. Please take a few moments to contact Senators Johnson and Thune about this legislation.

The U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee will take action Wednesday, March 24, on the Child Nutrition Authorization Act, which, among other things, is a major underwriter of the National School Lunch Program.

This year, there is a broad effort to ensure that these public resources will help increase the use of fresh, wholesome, and nutritious locally produced foods, including meats, vegetables and fruit, dairy, baked goods, and cereals – often referred to by shorthand as Farm to School.

Please contact your Senators as soon as possible and ask them to become a co-sponsor of S. 3123, the Growing Farm to School Programs Act!

Currently, the bill coming to the committee Wednesday only calls for $25 million in funding for the Farm to School programs. S. 3123 would secure $50 million over the next 5 years for the Farm to School programs.

Groups across the country are working to ensure that $50 million in mandatory funding for Farm to School grant programs be included in the legislation. These funds can be used for schools that want to return to local and regional sourcing and kitchens that prepare from scratch to get grants to make the transition.

Around the country, local farmers and ranchers working with schools and families are demonstrating that they can offer high quality, yet affordable, alternatives to the current menus heavily laden with industrially preserved ingredients, cheap surplus commodities, and long supply chains.

Visit WORC’s Action Page to contact your Senators today


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